Is your 10 Year Old Bathroom Looking “Drab” and Outdated?

Trends come and go and a 10-year-old kitchen or bathroom can look dated. These changing trends keep the home renovation industry busy. Solid surface countertops, LED lighting, new multi-functional appliances and soft-close drawers and doors are now common in a renovated kitchen. Renovated bathrooms now frequently include comfort height toilets, step-in showers, frameless glass shower enclosures and multi-function shower faucets.

Newly Remodeled Bathroom - JettaStone Solid Surface
Newly Remodeled Bathroom – JettaStone Solid Surface

Renovations that make homes more accessible for the aging population are another popular trend. Main floor bedrooms and bathrooms, wider doorways, open-concept living areas, grab bars and step-in showers are some of the renovations that are an attractive and feasible option for many people as they approach their golden years.

Product durability is also an important consideration. High quality materials such as solid surface countertops, ceramic, porcelain or stone floors and lifetime warranty roofing materials are some of the products commonly used that will extend the life of your renovation, saving you money in the long run.

A well thought-out home renovation will provide a family with a modern, energy-efficient home that suits their evolving needs and desires while becoming a nice return on your home investment.

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